ApnarPhone Service (APS)
Fusion Net IP-Phone service is dedicated to you and named “ApnarPhone”. ApnarPhone is a trusted telephone brand providing IP-Phone based voice communication solutions for Home, Corporate and SME users. The most beauty is you don’t need any separate cable or wireless connection for your telephone service; just your computer internet will work fine. You can call to any other numbers in the country or outside of the country in the cheapest price. Using ApnarPhone voice solutions corporate offices or apartments don’t need traditional PABX machine or intercom system, they will get both phone and internet connection in single line with all the PABX facilities like welcome message, hunting number, extensions, free calls between extensions, call forwarding, voice messages, etc. Also there is no network coverage issue as where you have internet, you can use ApnarPhone IP-Phone service!
General Questions
What is IP Phone?
Somebody calls it VoIP, broadband phone or digital voice service or internet phone – but another name of all of these service is IP-PHONE. People call it Internet phone because actually this phone uses your internet connection. Similarly as your BTCL land phone uses cable and your mobile phone uses wireless/frequency.
How to use IP-Phone?
To use IP-Phone, you need a IP-Phone device or IP-Phone Handset. As IP-Phone handset is bit expensive so we use a powerful IP-Phone device name “Fusion Voice Adapter” in short FVA. It is a small pocket device where your internet connection from Local ISP gets in. Other two ports one connects your computer for internet browsing and another connects your telephone set (any touchtone phone set). We said the device powerful because besides providing IP-Phone service, the device is a router capable of doing computer networking services like DHCP, NAT, VPN Client, Port-forwarding, etc.
ApnarPhone Call Rate Chart
As per Tariff & Rate Chart set by Bangladesh Government. Please call 09604-444911 for more details. All the incoming calls are free!
Fusion Voice Adapter (FVA) Device
The FVA device includes the device unit, power adapter and internet cable - Total price = Please Call 09604-444911 for price.
Payment options:
Prepaid balance adding system for Fusion ApnarPhone service is available.
Postpaid billing system for Fusion ApnarPhone service is available against minimum deposit per line will act as Credit Limit
Internet Bandwidth:
As per Bangladesh Government rule, IP-Phone must not use internet bandwidth. All the ISPs of Bangladesh uses the National Internet Exchange (NIX) for their domestic data transfer. IP-Phone uses that data connectivity for voice calls, not any internet bandwidth. Also per call requires only kilobits per second (kbps) level of bandwidth which is very negligible compare to local bandwidth.

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