Apnar Phone FAQ
What are some primary differences between Fusion ApnarPhone service and traditional voice service?
ApnarPhone® IP-Telephony is an advanced voice service on Fusion Net’s 100% fiber-optic network. More than 20 enhanced calling features give you broad control and flexibility when making and receiving calls. And you can manage it all easily, from any computer with an Internet connection, using the Online Account Manager.

With ApnarPhone Service, can I talk on the phone and use my computer at the same time?
Yes, your ApnarPhone service will work even if you’re simultaneously accessing the Internet. Whether you’re surfing the Web, sending files or instant messaging on your computer, you can still make and receive calls.

Is ApnarPhone service part of the whole internet system?
Yes. It’s fully integrated into all internet systems, from ordering to support, and is now available in many areas where Fusion Net Internet and/or other ISPs‘ * Internet service are available.
ISPs* must have the connectivity with Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX).

Is ApnarPhone voice communication consuming my internet bandwidth or does the service slow down my internet?
NO. As per govt. rules and regulations, ApnarPhone voice service is using local bandwidth which is depended upon your transmission media (e.g. fiber optic or Ethernet) directly connected to our IP Telephone exchange. Similarly Internet bandwidth is using a very small part of the transmission link bandwidth capacity.

Already Using Fusion Internet?

If you already have FusionNet Internet or Data Connectivity, first check to see if ApnarPhone Telephone service is also available in your area. If it is, you can bundle it for one low price. Then just plug in a standard corded or cordless phone and you’re good to go.
New to Fusion Internet?
If you don’t currently have FusionNet Internet service, first check to see which the services are available at your location. Once you’ve ordered a Fusion internet bundle with ApnarPhone service, we’ll contact you to schedule a visit by a FusionNet professional, who will do all necessary installation work. Please call 09604-444911 for details.
Fusion internet and ApnarPhone service installation includes mounting a small box, called a “Fusion Voice Adapter” (FVA), on the side of your home, near your existing telephone box or in another convenient location. There is no additional fee for this service. Please call 09604-444911 for details.

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