Product & Services
1) High Speed Internet Access
FusionNet is one of the best regional providers of dynamically scalable bandwidth, ranging from 64Kbps to 155Mbps in the country. FusionNet serves nearly all the major locations of Dhaka and across the region with its multi-carrier backbone connected both with submarine cable SEA-ME-WE-4 with VSATs. FusionNet provides enterprise organizations a high-speed dedicated Internet access via a Cisco Powered backbone engineered for mission critical data delivery. From fiber optic to wireless broadband, FusionNet has the perfect connectivity solution for your business. FusionNet Managed Dedicated Internet Access is a dedicated connection to the Internet that offers you the advantage of an "always-on" connection in your office. With our Dedicated Internet Access service, you get high-speed always-on Internet connectivity backed by redundant networks. The company's customers include enterprises, financial institutions, real estate companies, law firms, medical facilities, software developers, Web-based businesses, ISPs and ASPs, universities, schools, and government/non-government agencies.
2) Corporate Broadband Service

All of the Bandwidth, All of the Time. With FusionNet's service, you can be guaranteed that your personal computer is always operating a peak network speeds and can handle a large number of simultaneous requests. Our Home Broadband service features high-speed, low latency dedicated Internet services with fully redundancy, Cisco-powered network architecture and multi-homed connections to Internet backbone. The network availability guarantee is 99.997%.

3) SME/Home LAN Managed Service
FusionNet provides Internet connectivity for group users to SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) Organizations and to customers residing in residential regions.

FusionNet can provide cost-effective and useful options for broadband Internet access over the fiber optic & wireless technology as well as Local Area Network service for SOHO business depending on customer’s requirement.
FusionNet provides CIR (committed information rate) with burstable option where a portion of the Internet bandwidth is guaranteed but additional bandwidth can be used when available.
4) Data Connectivity (P2P)
In the modern business environment, companies are increasingly under pressure to support a wide variety of voice and data communication channels between cities or locations. Employees also need to access and share information as they travel or work from remote locations or branch offices around the world. Existing WAN technologies, such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) or a pure Internet access, are either too expensive or limited in their flexibility to meet changing business requirements (for example, a leased line connecting two small offices is expensive to maintain). It is out of such inadequacy that IP VPN technology has emerged as the solution.
5) Enterprise VPN (Secured/MPLS)
Our Secured & MPLS based Enterprise VPN solution is a region wide state-of-the-art service that delivers the security and performance levels of a private IP network from a shared public infrastructure. More specifically, it provides connectivity between sites across our network backbone in a secure manner with the same policies as a private network. Pure Internet access involves sole reliance on non-customized basic telecommunication services purchased locally from various suppliers. However, the Internet is not a controllable and predictable environment. Consequently, as soon as data packets get into the Internet, rather than a single controlled IP network, they are subject to unpredictable quality issues like packet drops, delays and jitters.
b. Real Time Communication
Simplified Phone Line Distribution
With IP PBX, a set of solution is all a company needs for voice and data services. If your company is preparing to move in the coming 2 or 3 years, IP PBX allows you to relocate effortlessly.
Simplified Management
Web interface allows users to modify settings and maintain the system easily. No technical knowledge is required. Even an administrative staff can handle it.
Great Potential Features
IP Phone, as an IP PBX terminal, is a mini-computer, which may provide various kinds of features in the future.
What is IP PBX?
IP PBX is an open standard PBX system over internet protocol (IP) network. It not only unites an organization's many locations - including mobile workers - into a single converged network, but also promises cost savings by combining voice and data on one single network that can be centrally maintained, as well as by eliminating toll expenses for calls between locations.
Features Comparison for IPPBX Vs Traditional PBX
Features IPPBX Traditional PBX
Useful and User Friendly Application (e.g. UM, IM, Presence, etc) Support Support
Encrypted / Secure Voice Support Not Support
Data Voice Convergence Ease Complicated, Hardware may be needed
Mobility Support Not Support
Scalability & Upgradeability Relatively High Relatively Low
Hardware Cost (Chassis, Components & Hand Sets) Relatively High Relatively Low
Installation Cost Relatively Low Relatively High
Operational Cost Low High
Maintenance Cost Low High
Total Cost of Ownership Relatively Low Relatively High
2) IP Phone
VoIP – Voice over IP technology. As a voice expertise in Bangladesh, FusionNet will deploy its regional coverage and established IP network infrastructure to provide the VoIP service that is reliable and will satisfy our customers' needs. FusionNet is full-fledged IP-telephony service provider (IPTSP) of Bangladesh license awarded by BTRC. Fusion Net introduced a very reliable and most powerful phone service named “APNARPHONE” having the number scheme as 09604-xxxxx (six digits). We provide FREE CALLS for our ApnarPhone subscribers.
3) Video Conference
FusionNet's video conference solution is purely based on its IP VPN network providing a single point or multi-point video conference solution. We also provide High definition (HD) quality point-to-point video phone system
c. IT Out-Sourcing
1) Data Center Service
A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls, and special security devices. Our data centers are specifically designed to meet the technology and security needs of large, data-intensive, enterprise companies. The unique infrastructure architecture allows accommodating any size requirement from a single cabinet up to a fully customized private data-suite installation.
Disaster Recovery Solutions
In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, we have solutions to enable both network and infrastructure redundancy. With a Mirrored Hot Site in a FusionNet Data Center facility, you can be assured your equipment will be safe and operational when the need arises. To ensure network viability, our Redundant Connectivity Capability enables you to implement multi-carrier network Links, and enterprise security. We integrate the functional management of routers, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, as well as other security and business continuity components.
Mirrored Hot Site
FusionNet offers flexibility to meet Disaster Recovery needs, whether it be a hot-site, cold-site, mirrored servers or collocation we can deliver a custom-tailored and affordable outsourced data center solution to meet Enterprise Data Requirements and business continuity plans.
2) Customized Network Solutions (LAN/WAN)
Managed Network Service
Our expertise and business-centric approach will help you maximize the value of your network services, as well as help reduce costs, manage complexity and boost your competitive edge.

Network Design and Engineering Services
We deliver a baseline network design recommendation and documentation to fully support the network design.

Network Migration and Implementation Services
Leverage our proven project management techniques from simple cutovers to major network migrations, conversions and implementation solutions. We can plan and execute an entire deployment strategy from start to finish: We identify the goals, define the migration process, develop schedules and checklists, and manage the implementation.

Technical Network Services
We deliver responsive, on-going network support that includes maintenance, parts logistics, and other services for lifecycle engineering or management and maintenance.

Professional Network Services
Our complete network lifecycle management offering includes an “as-is” state assessment and audit, architecture design and engineering, implementation, and monitoring and management of the solution.
3) Network Management Services
We provide 24x7 proactive monitoring and management of customer networks via our Customer Network Control Center. Our shared environment ensures the most cost-effective services possible.

To address the customers' need and tag up to the global trend of IT network outsourcing, our Network Management Service offers a full range of comprehensive services including in-depth site investigation, timely on-site troubleshooting, 24 hours technical telephone support as well as proactive and preventive routine maintenance.
d. Value Added Service
1) Server Co-location
Client provide the server, we provide everything else - rack space, connection to the internet, IP addresses, switchable power supply, backups, primary and secondary DNS, email; quite simply anything that is needed. It is your responsibility to run the server, alternatively if you require a managed service.
2) Web Services

FusionNet utilizes its multi-disciplinary teams to develop bespoke communication solutions that embrace all the following areas of expertise.
From initial Internet presence to fully integrated database driven e-commerce sites FusionNet are able to design and implement innovative web solutions to meet your requirements. Total web services offer:

  • Website Design, Development & Analysis
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting in a Secured Server in USA/UK or Local
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Web-based Application Development
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Content & Graphics Development
  • Multimedia Production
  • Customized Portal Services
3) Bandwidth Management
FusionNet have a Bandwidth Manager that have full-featured traffic management tool that gives control of its network traffic, increasing the efficiency of network and reducing overall bandwidth requirements. FusionNet provide this facility to our special client if they want to manage their own network and accurate bandwidth.
4) Network Security

The networks are computer networks, both public and private, that are used every day to conduct transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies and individuals. The obvious example of a network system that is open to public access is the Internet, but many private networks also utilize publicly-accessible communications.
Network security involves all activities that organizations, enterprises, and institutions undertake to protect the value and ongoing usability of assets and the integrity and continuity of operations. An effective network security strategy requires identifying threats and then choosing the most effective set of tools to combat them.

Threats to network security include:

  • Viruses
  • Trojan horse programs
  • Vandals
  • Attacks
  • Data interception
  • Email Threats
  • Social Networking Engineering


Network security tools include:

  • Antivirus software systems
  • Spam Protection
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Virtual private networks
  • Identity services
  • Encryption
  • Security management

None of these approaches alone will be sufficient to protect a network, but when they are layered together; they can be highly effective in keeping a network safe from attacks and other threats to security. In addition, well-thought-out corporate policies are critical to determine and control access to various parts of the network.

5) Remote Surveillance
The leap into completely IP-based technology is the best bang for your buck both monetarily and in terms of security by far. Digital surveillance can be done over a LAN network, of course, but TCP/IP transmittal of surveillance makes sense for remote monitoring of multiple locations and for remote recording of data onto back-up servers and hard disks for long-term storage. With IP-based video surveillance, it can connect your surveillance camera or cameras to any network or wireless adapter, and it is extremely flexible in your placement of the camera itself. A typical PC-attached video camera, while providing digital picture image quality, still has to be within approximately ten feet of the computer itself. Set-up of an IP-based video system is easy -- and it’s extremely stable and reliable. Because this is the technology of the future, it is also upgradeable. It won’t be outgrowing an IP-based video surveillance system any time soon because new developments are based on improving this market. Therefore, you will be able to add on and improve this system for years to come while older, CCTV+DVR hybrids will dead-end and become obsolete.
6) Hotspot Solution
It's powerful. Hot spot solution is consist of Wi-Fi networks use radio technologies called IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g to provide secure, reliable, fast wireless connectivity. A Wi-Fi network can be used to connect computers to each other, to the Internet, and to wire networks (which use IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet). Wi-Fi networks operate in the unlicensed 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands, with an 11 Mbps (802.11b) or 54 Mbps (802.11a) data rate or with products that contain both bands (dual band), so they can provide real-world performance similar to the basic 10BaseT wired Ethernet networks used in many offices.
7) Email Services
Managed Email Service:
FusionNet Managed Email Service is a hassle-free web-based and POP3 enabled email management solution for customers to manage their email accounts at any time, any place, and conveniently by using a Web browser or email application.

Managed Spam Control:
FusionNet Managed Spam Control allows you to reduce the increasing volume of spam mails efficiently. Our service is a comprehensive solution which deploys a combination of spam filtering methods including Key Word Screening, Blacklisting, IP Checking, Heuristics as well as Bayesian Analysis for the screening process.
8) IP TV (Coming Soon)
It is the TV service which is delivered using IP (Internet Protocol) technology - the same technology used in Internet Services. In this service the TV channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to TV using a Set Top Box. The IP TV Service also includes Video on Demand Services which is similar to watching Video CD's / DVD's using a VCD / DVD player. Movies, Instructional Videos and other content shall be available to customers in the IP TV Services.

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